My father reached out to me… I have no clue how to feel about it either. For so long, i havent thought about him and now its weird. Before he contacted me, i never thought about whether he thought about me or my sister or whether he even cared about us. The last time we saw him, probably like 7-8 years ago, he seemed like he did care but i ended up thinking it was all a lie because as soon as he found out that my mother had moved on, he decided it wasnt his job to support us anymore. Obviously he moved on too because i see he has a new woman, potentially his new wife, and two kids. So yeah, i have a half brother and a half sister. I just hope he loves them more and better than he loved my sister and me. I pray he treats his woman with more respect and care than he had for my mom. Most of all, i pray for the strength to get over this. As soon as i feel like my head and my heart is in a good/happy place, something or someone always brings me back to that low. I know im strong enough to deal with this…. Just like i was strong enough when i was 7, then 14. Im 21 now and i should not let the validation of one lousy man to be the deciding factor of whether or not i am happy. I am strong enough to deal, i know i am. My heart is just reallllllll heavy right now.